UPDATE: Letter to Politicians

On 7 March, FACTS addressed a letter to the leadership of the two main political parties to request their written commitment on two issues that are very import to the Federation and the local community of target shooters and collectors. I am writing to update you on the how things stand as at noon today, so that you may inform your members accordingly.


  1. Partit Nazzjonalista


On 24 February, the PN published its electoral manifesto. We did not find a single reference to sport shooting or ranges required for our disciplines.


We received verbal responses from the Secretary General and several candidates, basically saying that the party is open to our requests. However, a written response, as requested, was not forthcoming. Hence, we have nothing tangible to report back to you.



  1. Partit Laburista


On 11 March, the PL published its electoral manifesto, which included the following entry:


Following the opening of the Malta National Shooting Range with an investment of €10 million, we shall continue with the second phase of this project with the construction of new ranges for pistols and rifles.


On 19 March we received an email for the PA to PM Robert Abela, Ms Rachel Debono, which read:


Thank you for your message. Partit Laburista is committed to make additional investment in the National Shooting Range, particularly facilities for rifle and pistol shooting. We are also open to ensure better representation of target shooters and arms collectors in the Weapons Board. Minister Camilleri is being copied in order to follow up the matter.


On its part, FACTS wrote back to Ms Debono. Below is the reply:


Dear Ms Debono,


We thank the Prime Minister for his reply to our letter.


Given the great variety of sport shooting disciplines and the corresponding facilities required for them, we would need Partit Laburista to qualify its statement, so that we may urgently issue a circular to our community assuring them that the stated investment shall indeed cover the facilities for the more popular non-Olympic disciplines falling under our Federation’s remit, namely:-


Rifle Range, minimum 300m

Pistol and Rifle Ranges, 25m and 50m

Dynamic Shooting Ranges, minimum 10 bays


These facilities would permit us to not only satisfy our growing community’s needs, but also achieve a considerable return in investment through sports tourism. Moreover, it is important to specify that such ranges will be run by our Federation for the benefit of all shooters who practice our disciplines.


With regard to the composition of the Weapons Board following the elections, kindly confirm that we shall be asked to nominate our representative.


We are in a position to circulate your reply to thousands of members within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation.


Best regards,

Moira Sammut

Welcome member