Report : 2nd International Mamba Target Open 2024

Maltese Airgunners Take Aim at International Field Target Competition

Four Maltese marksmen, members of the Malta Allied Airgunners Club (MAAC), recently returned from a successful trip to Grupont, Belgium, where they participated in the prestigious 2nd International Mamba Target Open 2024. Held between May 16th and 18th, the competition brought together skilled airgun shooters from around the world to test their mettle on challenging Field Target courses.

    • Paul Camilleri (Veteran PCP) – 7th Place (113 points)
    • Natalino Falzon (Veteran PCP) – 12th Place (84 points)
    • Dominic Calleja (Veteran Springer) – 4th Place (75 points)
    • Nazzareno Scorfna (Open Class Springer) – 83 points

    Maltese Team Delivers Strong Performance:

    The Maltese contingent, comprised of Paul Camilleri, Natalino Falzon, Dominic Calleja, and Nazzareno Scorfna, put in a commendable performance despite unfamiliar conditions.  Camilleri, competing in the Veteran PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) category, secured an impressive 7th place finish with a score of 113 points (42+36+35). Falzon, also in the Veteran PCP category, displayed accuracy and precision, achieving a respectable 12th place with 84 points (28+28+28).
    The competition also saw noteworthy performances from Calleja and Scorfna in the Springer category. Calleja, a seasoned shooter in the Veteran Springer class, secured a commendable 4th place with a score of 75 points (25+29+21), showcasing his exceptional skills. Scorfna, competing in the Open Class Springer category, tallied an impressive 83 points (29+32+22), further solidifying the Maltese team’s strong showing.


    Overcoming Environmental Challenges:

    The competition wasn’t without its challenges. The first day saw the Maltese shooters battling through unexpected rain while navigating the open field layout of the Blue course.  The unpredictable wind conditions added another layer of difficulty, demanding constant adjustments and precise shot placement.  The second day brought persistent rain, transforming the Black course into a muddy landscape. Despite the challenging environment, the Maltese team persevered, demonstrating their resilience and adaptability.


    A Learning Experience in Unfamiliar Terrain:

    The final day offered a change of scenery with the White course nestled within woodlands. This presented a unique set of challenges for the Maltese team, as their training grounds in Malta lack similar wooded environments. The lack of trees made accurate range estimation more difficult, and the wind deflection patterns differed significantly from open fields.  Despite these obstacles, the team embraced the experience as a valuable learning opportunity, pushing their skills and gaining valuable insights for future competitions.


    Looking Ahead: European Field Target Championship

    The participation in the Mamba Target Open served as a valuable training ground for the upcoming European Field Target Championship slated for this summer in Wales.  A team of five Maltese athletes will be representing the country, aiming to build upon the success achieved in Belgium. The MAAC takes pride in its members’ achievements and remains committed to fostering a supportive environment for aspiring Field Target shooters in Malta.



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