Regional Sicily Competition – NIGHT SHOOT 

We would like to share some details form night shoot competition.


Details of event:
A BR Sicilian regional night shoot was held at RANGE ARMI SPORT CANICATTINI, BAGNI SIRACUSA.
Date :  30th September – 1st October.
Total participants: 32.
Range : 150 meters. 

A Maltese team of members in BR MALTA – AACTS participated in this regional event and have achieved good results and placing in many categories.

Category  :: 22LR
🏅 1st place    Mr Paul Cassar 

Category :: Super Sport
🏅 1st place      Mr Paul Cassar
🏅 2nd place    Mr Charles Mallia

Category :: Factory Sport Heavy
🏅 2nd place    Mr Peter Paul Caruana
🏅 3rd place     Mr Vincent Gatt

Category ::  Factory Sport Light
🏅 2nd place    Mr Paul Cassar              


BR Malta would like to congratulate the efforts of its members despite our non-existing facilities in Malta, with limited resources to train and achieve even better results.
Also, BR Malta would like to open to more AACTS and Federation FACTS associate members to come forward and join in Bench Rest disciplines, we are here to support and teach fellow members to participate!

BR MALTA would like to thank our main sponsor ENEMED for believing in us.