Pedalino Sniper Range  – Sicily – 23 January 2023

 Dear member ,

I would like to share with you about a new discipline that is developing abroad within the shooting community , that of rimfire Extreme Long Range (ELR) shooting on targets from 50 meters out to around 600 meters.

Traditionally, disciplines like ELR and PRS are shot with centrefire rifles but over the past 3 years, the .22 LR community has already hosted 2 international competitions called Prince of .22LR, and .22 rimfire is now catching on as it is cheap and very challenging. The biggest factor in these games is always the wind as  it  is a killer for your shot and  with rimfire ammo this proves to be a challange. 

The rimfire is one of the best trainers you can shoot be it pistol and rifle and I always recommended to our members go for a rimfire pistol or rifle as this teaches you a lot. Well one fine day Bill and myself said we need to set up for it and see how it goes , Bill immediately set himself with a custom rimfire rifle using a Vudoo V22 action with AI Chassis and a Border barrel , I opted for a CZ precision trainer rimfire rifle that is set for these kind of shoots . After about 20 months from when we started on this project the day came for us to take our rimfires for their first initial test.

  We decided to shoot on paper at 50 and 100 meters and took a 30x30cm gong with us to hang at a distance and see how things go. We took some different brands of ammo to see which each rifle would like best and plot a shoot. The rifles shot some great groupings at 50 then 100 m so we decided to stretch to 200 meters which needed approximately 6.5 mils or 22.3 moa to get on target at 200 with a zero at 100 meters  and to our surprise the precision was amazing, the hits ran at about 95 percent of our shooting. We found that this is going to work well and  the smile on our face could be seen all across Sicily , I never dreamt it would so much fun, obviously the further you go the tougher it gets but we are ready to take the challenge and shoot further. The windage will be tougher now as we will shoot open ground and the plan is to go up to 400 meters and to reduce the target size as 30x30cm was too large for 200 m . Stay tuned, we will share our experiences and what kit is needed to shot rimfire long range , all of you that have a rimfire reach out to us, as this .22 ELR will be added with the rest of the shooting disciplines we already practice .

Stay safe and hit the Xring.

Godfrey Pisani
Firearms instructor

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