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In order for an individual to obtain a firearms license, one is required by law to be a member of a target shooting and/or collecting association. AACTS is an Association that is licensed to cater for both target shooting sport disciplines as well as collections of arms and firearms.

In order to apply with AACTS you must download and fill in the application form as well as provide a recent police conduct certificate, passport photo and medical certificate. It is recommended to obtain a second, separate medical certificate which you will be asked to provide to the Police once you apply for the license.

Kindly also indicate which language/s you understand for the purpose of the Firearms Safety Course.

The Association fees include:

Enrollment fee – €20

One year membership – €25

Course fee – €75

Total: €120

Once applied you will be eligible for a Firearms Safety Course held by one of our qualified instructors.

The course is held over a period of four days during the evening.

The first two days will be firearms handling, the third day deals with the rights and obligations a licensee has in relation to arms and ammunition. The fourth day is a short one-on-one competence test.

Following the successful completion of the course you will be given Letters of Recommendation with which you may apply with the Police at your local Police Station to obtain your license. Before obtaining the license you will be asked to attend an interview with the Weapons Board to deem that you are competent in the safe handling of firearms and are aware of your duties as a license holder.

After the successful completion of the interview you will obtain the licenses you have applied for. The waiting period from the time of handing in the Letters of Recommendation to obtaining the license is between two to four months.

Once you obtain your license you will be able to purchase and use firearms and ammunition within the scope of the license you have obtained.

Migrating members

Members from other Clubs or Associations willing to join AACTS benefit from being part of an Association that falls under the Federation of Arms Collectors and Target Shooters (FACTS).

Should you wish to apply, download and hand in the application form along with the latest copy of your license and a copy of your current Club/Association membership card.

The Association fee for one  year membership is of €25.

All other fees are waived and a medical certificate and police conduct certificate are NOT required.

30 SEP 2023

Range Shooting Day
08:30 – 14:00
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21 OCT 2023
Range Shooting Day
08:30 – 14:00
Gunblast Range

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