Malta Benchrest Event in Sicily 2023

#3 Benchrest 2023

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming 3rd BR knockout Mediterranean tournament, scheduled to take place on March 12th at the Sniper Club in Pedalino, Sicily.

This much-anticipated event will feature a riveting contest between FSTP Sicily and FACTS Malta, two formidable Benchrest Teams with exceptional capabilities.

We take this opportunity to proudly present the FACTS Malta team:

  • Mr Vince Gatt
  • Mr Charles Wallbank
  • Mr Charles Mallia
  • Mr Peter Caruana
  • Mr Ray Caruana
  • Mr Stefan Frendo
  • Mr Anthony Tonna
  • Mr Alfred Cushieri

All players have been putting in long hours at the range to hone their skills and are eager to showcase their abilities on the big stage.

We are grateful to acknowledge ENEMED as the official sponsor of this tournament.

We extend our best wishes to the FACTS Malta team, as they embark on this competitive journey, representing the island nation with honor and dignity.

Stay tuned for further updates as we draw closer to the tournament date.



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