Steel Challenge Training Day Report

On the 17th of September we held our first Steel Challenge training event after a long pause.

The day proved to be cooler than the shoot before and we had a good turnout of shooters participating in several SCSA divisions.

These were:

Pistol Iron Sights (IS)

Open (pistol with optics and/or compensators and/or barrel ports)

Pistol Carbine Rifle Open (PCRO)

The chosen Stage for this training day was “Smoke and Hope”

The score for each shooter is the total time from the best 4 out of 5 strings.

The best results for each division is as follows:




Matthew Cilia – 14.42s

Luciano Bianco – 16.42s

Ian Brown – 17.74s

Joseph Gatt – 22.83s

William Tatham – 15.80s

Godfrey Pisani – 16.33s

Gordon Sammut – 16.74s

Andre’ Spiteri – 18.09s

Mick Gillen – 14.18s

Joe Attard – 16.24s

Ian Brown – 17.29s

The best three times for an individual stage for each division are as follows:




Matthew Cilia – 2.95s

Matthew Cilia – 3.05s

Luciano Bianco – 3.20s


Andre’ Spiteri – 2.92s

Gordon Sammut – 3.47

William Tatham 3.73s


Mick Gillen – 3.30s

Mick Gillen – 3.34s

Mick Gillen – 3.39s


We would like to thank all those who participated in this event as well as all of the AACTS staff that made it possible: the RCOs, score keepers and administration staff.

We hope to see you for our competition in December!