FACTS Marksmanship Training Camp 2023


18 shooters from AACTS and AMACS attended the Marksmanship training camp at the Sniper Club range in Pedalino, Saturday the 21st and Sunday, 22 October. With 9 shooting lanes available out to 300 m, there was plenty of opportunity for everyone to shoot as much as they wanted. We had experienced shooters check zeroing their rifles and then developing their dope out to 300 m as well as those who had come to Sicily to shoot at the range for the first time, seeking some guidance and assistance with spotting hits.

After an excellent team dinner on the Saturday night, we then had 3 competitions, the first for centrefire bolt action rifles which involved “siters” and then 10 rounds at 100 m in 10 minutes, followed by siters and5 rounds in 5 minutes at 200 m. Vince Gatt did a great job with his 6 mm PPC coming first, followed by Mark Borg 2nd with a .308 Sabatti and Bill Tatham 3rd with a .308 Accuracy International AE.

There was also a 50 m .22 LR rimfire shoot with Vince Gatt 1st, Bill Tatham 2nd and Paul Cassar 3rd. Finally, the AR-15 semi-automatic aficionados had a shootout at 50m & 100m, with Daniel Bugeja 1st, Ivan Vassallo 2nd and Markus Borg 3rd.

There was then free shooting for whoever wanted to remain at the range through until early Sunday evening when everyone headed back for a ferry home. It was a fun weekend, and will be repeated in 2024. 

🏅 Congratulations to the Winners:

  • Vince Gatt (6 mm PPC) – 1st Place
  • Mark Borg (.308 Sabatti) – 2nd Place
  • Bill Tatham (.308 Accuracy International AE) – 3rd Place

  • Vince Gatt (.22 LR rimfire) – 1st Place
  • Bill Tatham (.22 LR rimfire) – 2nd Place
  • Paul Cassar (.22 LR rimfire) – 3rd Place

  • Daniel Bugeja (AR-15) – 1st Place
  • Ivan Vassallo (AR-15) – 2nd Place
  • Markus Borg (AR-15) – 3rd Place


👏 Your skills and dedication inspire us all! Well done!

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