#6 Range Day REPORT – Gunblast Saturday 17th June 2023


On a beautiful morning, participants gathered at Gozo Range under clear skies and comfortable temperatures. The pleasant weather created an inviting atmosphere, enabling everyone to fully engage in the day’s activities.

The event was marked by a strong spirit of “sharing and caring,” as participants readily exchanged tips, techniques, and stories. From funny conversations to forging new friendships, shooters embraced the opportunity to connect and build camaraderie.

Charles sharing some cookies while Ian assists with a scope fixture

During well-deserved breaks, participants enjoyed delicious coffee and snacks, providing a moment of relaxation and an opportunity for discussions on shooting techniques, equipment, and personal experiences. These casual conversations further fostered a sense of community and mutual support among attendees.

Throughout the day, a positive and joyful ambiance prevailed at the range. Laughter, friendly banter, and a shared passion for shooting created an inclusive atmosphere that resonated with all participants.


We extend a special thanks to Charles and Ian, our dedicated Range Conducting Officers (RCOs), for their unwavering support and contributions to the event’s success.


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