#5 Range Day REPORT – Gunblast Saturday 20th May 2023 

Our fifth range day this year.

Participants joined in for a day of shooting and fun.

We were delighted to showcase our newly updated target stands, giving the range a refreshed look. 
One highlight of the event was the picture below, featuring a Marlin 1895 “Dark” in 45–70. It caught the attention of many enthusiasts and sparked interesting conversations about the firearm’s features and performance.



We were pleased to welcome a new face among us—an unlicensed shooter who joined us for the first time. She performed exceptionally well, displaying great skill and enthusiasm. She expressed her interest in becoming a new member, which is always a pleasure to hear as our community continues to grow.

For those without a gun license but eager to experience shooting, we offer three options to choose from.  This allows individuals to participate and enjoy the event, even if they haven’t obtained their license yet.

The fifth range day provided a great atmosphere for participants to connect, learn, and share experiences. With freshly painted target stands and enthusiastic shooters, the event was a joy, leaving everyone excited for the next one.


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