#2 Range Day REPORT – Gunblast Saturday 25th February 2023

Our second range day this year.

On the second range day of this year, despite the less than ideal weather conditions, participants came together to enjoy a day filled with shooting, camaraderie, and fun. The event was far from boring as friends shared their experiences, tips, stories, and even some jokes. It was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in a friendly atmosphere and escape the stresses of everyday life for a while.

Keeping the barrels up to temperature was just one of the many tasks accomplished today. Participants were also able to enjoy some coffee and engage in friendly conversations, making it a truly restful and enjoyable day. The event was not only entertaining but also valuable for anyone interested in practical shooting.

The good atmosphere on the range was truly remarkable. Participants felt comfortable sharing their experiences and knowledge, making the event a valuable learning opportunity for everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced shooter, there was something for everyone to learn.


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